Our Common Problem

The majority of humanity lives an unfulfilled life,  unaware of one’s true nature and potential. We find our bodies, mind and emotions are out of balance. We find this disharmony within ourselves and also as a reflection within our society and in the way we relate to nature.

From birth onwards, we slowly loose our natural innocence and intuition. We disconnect with our spiritual nature and with Mother Earth, as we become unbalanced through mirroring our environment and through misguided education. We are brought up in a education system which creates uninspired employees for our capitalistic economy.

We forget that education is about discovering ourselves, our relationship with others and the Earth.

our collective vision

Our vision is part of the collective vision of humanity. To rediscover ourselves and live consciously on Planet Earth. We wish to contribute to this larger collective vision by creating an Eco School, Meditation and Wellbeing Centre.

These centres of learning from childhood onwards, will provide a supportive and inspirational space for personal and collective growth and environmental sustainability. Children are the future guardians of the Earth and of our species. The ideal environment for learning can help them to discover their multi-dimensional nature, to express their creative talents, and to contribute their unique life mission to humanity.

This vision has the power to inspire many others to create similar movements within their communities. Bringing the power back to the people.

our Call to action

The time is NOW, for humanity to rediscover itself and create a conscious revolution. Each one of us is a force for change. You can be a part of this revolution through discovering and expressing your own unique talents and purpose in life. 

Our Charities vision and mission is to serve humanity in this conscious revolution. We  envision this change will happen naturally and in masses through a shift in the educational system.  By purchasing from our business, you are supporting this collective vision. 10% of each sale goes towards the development of this cause. 

Be part of our tribe and assist us in this journey to create a Eco School, Meditation and Wellbeing Centre. Volunteer or offer your services to make this happen. Each one of us have our own talents which through collective contribution can create a positive change in the world.

Our Current projects